RFM analysis for Customer Segmentation

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With our RFM Analysis report, you can easily identify your most valuable customer segments and target your marketing efforts accordingly. The report shows which client segments bring in the most revenue and which ones may require more attention.

Data sources: CRM or Google Analytics with ecommerce pre-setup

Pre-sets: Set up GA Ecommerce Tracking and send User-ID as a custom dimension or pull data to Google Sheets from CRM. Required fields for the report: User ID, Order ID, Date, Revenue.

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E-commerce directors, B2B with a big numbers of customers, email-marketers, social media marketers, phone apps analytics departments will not regret buying this report template. It can solve many problems like the ones described below.

Usually, limited marketing budgets require optimal resource allocation. RFM segments help allocate resources effectively by prioritizing efforts on high-value customers and reducing spending on low-value segments.

In addition, churn is difficult to predict accurately but RFM analysis will help you to identify at-risk customers, allowing proactive retention strategies to reduce churn.

Also, you may have a lack of understanding of where customers are in their lifecycle. That is why you need RFM analysis report template – RFM analysis categorizes customers based on recency, frequency, and monetary values, offering insights into their current lifecycle stage.

This report includes sales overview and main KPIs related to it and detailed segments analysis, for example, revenues and sales, number of orders, average order value etc.

Purchase this report RFM Analysis for customer segmentation report template now to improve your marketing and customer relationship management.