GA4 and Google Search Console SEO report


Easy to read GA4 and Google Search Console SEO report containing popular and landing pages, device and geographical overviews, organic traffic performance analysis.

Data sources: GA4, Google Search Console.

Pre-sets: setup Google Analytics and Google Search Console for you to connect your accounts easily.

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The templates are delivered within 24 hours during the working days. The delivery requires manual processing but we try hard so in 90% of the cases we deliver it faster!

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More details?

SEO agencies, SEO individuals that want to take advantage over the rivals on the market, blogs and bloggers with websites and apps will appreciate this report template. Besides saving a lot of time for creating a report, this template has many perks. 

First of all, combining GA4 and Google Search Console data in a report provides a more comprehensive view of website performance. The report is very interesting to understand, unlike the way the data is presented in both of the tools.

Secondly, with this report you can easily monitor your KPIs and be always up to date with performance. It will also help you understand which pages attract the most organic traffic and analyze the performance of individual pages.

This report will help you with content optimization – you will get a broad vision on your audience, what are they searching, where are they from, what content is the most interesting for them.

Don’t waste your time – buy this report template and be aware of the incoming traffic, keywords audience searches by and pages left to optimize!



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