Automate marketing and sales reports with Gaille Reports on Google platform base

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Boosty Your Shopify Sales with Easy Dashboards

See your shop’s data like never before! Our Shopify Looker Studio Dashboards make it simple to spot trends, track sales, and understand customers. Updated daily to keep you ahead. 

Save 100+ hours of work and gain access to deeper analytics not available in Shopify by default.

Looker Studio Template Store for Marketing and Sales

Save your time and use our Looker Studio template in your work.
Dashboards are splitted by category and data sources: e-commerce, SEO, social media, paid search reports, special dashboards.

The process is easy and fast. You will get your dashboard in couple of clicks.

Order Your Custom Looker Studio Dashboard

  1. We bring data from Google Ads, SEO platforms, Facebook Ads, etc. to one place.
  2. Prepare data for visualization: clean and organize it.
  3. Create an easy-to-read and useful dashboard in Looker Studio where you have all your data together with access to the link.

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Gaille Reports video tutorials

Practical materials about Looker Studio, Google Sheets formulas, and report automation.
Check the playlist Looker Studio Lessons.

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Gaille Reports | Online Course

Looker Studio practical guide

Course for digital marketers, PPC, SEO, and SMM specialists where you learn data storytelling and create your first interactive dashboard in Google Looker Studio for your portfolio.

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