Customer Churn Analysis Template


Customer Churn Analysis Template is a powerful and customizable Looker Studio report template designed to help businesses gain valuable insights into their customer churn rates. Leveraging custom calculations within Google Sheets, this template allows users to easily track and analyze customer attrition, enabling data-driven decisions to reduce churn and retain valuable customers.

Data sources: Google Sheets

Pre-sets: creating cohorts and running custom calculations in Google Sheets.

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The core strength of this template lies in its integration with Google Sheets, which allows you to perform custom calculations tailored to your business needs. Whether it’s calculating the churn rate, customer lifetime value, or any other specific KPI, you have the flexibility to define and update these metrics in Google Sheets and visualize them in Looker.

This report template will let you analyze customer churn through cohort analysis to understand the behavior of customer groups over time. This tool helps you pinpoint when and why specific cohorts are churning, facilitating targeted retention strategies.

The “Customer Churn Analysis Template” is suitable for businesses of all sizes across various industries, especially those offering subscription-based services, SaaS products, or e-commerce platforms. It is particularly valuable for data analysts, business analysts, and decision-makers looking to optimize customer retention efforts.


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