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We create professional automated dashboards for marketing analytics
  • Reduce cost for in-house analytics team
  • Easy-to-read dashboards for data-driven decision making
  • Real time picture of digital marketing

Reports automation for digital marketing. Gaille Reports video introduction

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The most popular business cases where Gaille Reports can help you


Traffic report for agencies
Blend different ads platforms and Google Analytics data to understand which channels perform better

Cohort Analysis by weeks Looker Studio report

Custom sales report
Cohort and RFM analysis for startups and e-commerce based on Shopify and GA data.


Social media and SEO
Track audience growth on social platforms and websites. Detailed breakdowns and stats.

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Gaille Reports environment

Our work is based on the Google Cloud Platform.

Looker Studio Agency

As a third-party connector service: Supermetrics, Power My Analytics, Windsor.ai, or another connector that fits your project

Data storage: Google BigQuery or Google Sheets.

Looker Studio Agency
Looker Studio Agency

BI, Data visualisation tool: Google Looker Studio.

Looker Studio Agency
Gaille Reports environment - Looker Studio Agency

Gaille Reports workflow & Case Study

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