Analytics for blogs and content websites


A report for a school website with a sufficient news section when the main traffic is coming from SEO and Facebook (blog SEO report template)

Data sources: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook Page.

Pre-sets: GA conversions.

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More details?

I designed this report template to provide schools with a comprehensive view of their website’s performance, with a focus on traffic sources from SEO and Facebook. Using data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Facebook Page, our report provides key metrics that schools can use to evaluate their website’s performance.

Above all, to generate the report, pre-sets include GA conversions tracking, ensuring that businesses have access to the necessary data to generate the report.

The report includes key metrics such as website traffic, conversion rates, and engagement on Facebook, providing schools with a detailed understanding of the performance of their website’s news section. Additionally, the report provides insights into which traffic sources are driving the highest number of visitors, enabling schools to allocate resources accordingly.

Overall, our school website report template is a powerful tool for schools looking to optimize their website’s performance. By providing a comprehensive view of key metrics and enabling schools to make data-driven decisions, our report template empowers schools to improve their website’s news section and drive better engagement with their audience.

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