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We provide a Looker Studio templates individual branding. You can add a unique custom design to every report template. Just add this item to the cart while buying the template. After that, we will request a design example – it can be a brand book/guide or a link to your website. Basically, we need anything that can serve as an example of design.

How does it work?

After the purchase, you get a link for copying the dashboard. You will need to create your unique copy. Followingly, you give us access to the report so that we could edit your dashboard, design example and your logo. We alter the design in accordance with your needs and preferences. Finally, you close the access to us so that your data could stay confidential.

If you need report template refinements, you can find them here – 3-h refinements, 5-h refinements, 10-h refinements.

Your Looker Studio template individual branding will be done the next day after the order (UK/Lisbon time)

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Individual design


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