Turn date into day of week in Google Sheets tutorial 2023

Turn date into day of week in Google Sheets tutorial 2023

Did you know that there are plenty of tips and tricks that will surely make using Google Sheets easier and amusing? Today I would love to tell you about about how to turn date into day of week (Google Sheets). Are you intrigued? Keep up with the video tutorial for better understanding and let’s go!


We have a small table with data that will serve a basis for our formulas. 


First of all, there is a formula =WEEKDAY() that helps us find the number of the day of the week. It has 2 attributes – date and type. Date can be a link to another cell, formula or a text. Type is an optional attribute and by default it can be just 1. 

As you see, in type 1 the first day is Sunday. In type 2 the first day is Monday. In type 3, Monday is day 0, consequently, Tuesday is day 1 and so on. As a result, the number of the day of the week will be determined according to the day of the starting of the week. 

Extracting day from date

I have a separate article about it and you can read about day from date extraction in detail. But for now, let’s quickly review it. 

  1. =TEXT(Date, “D”)

You can extract a date from another cell as a date attribute. “D” stands for the day of the month in format “1”, “29” and so on.

  1. =TEXT(Date, “DD”)

In this case DD will always be a two-number day of the month. For instance: “01”, “08”.

  1. =TEXT(Date, “DDD”)

This formula will determine the shortened name of the day of the week, for example: Mon, Tue, Wed etc. 

  1. =TEXT(Date, “DDDD”)

It allows us to get a full name of the day of the week.

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